There are various ways to enjoy caravanning. Some people, for example, will buy their own touring caravan and use it for holidays. Others will buy a static caravan that they then lodge at a caravan park or camp permanently and which they then visit for holidays. And, others will simply opt to book a caravan holiday from a caravan site or park where the caravan is provided and is simply used as a home base. There are options open to you here both in the UK and abroad.

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes at the moment. You can, for example, buy a small caravan that will suit a couple of people or a larger model that is big enough for the whole family. The way that caravans are fitted out will also vary. Some will come with all mod cons whereas others will be more basic. As you can imagine the size of the caravan you choose and how luxuriously it is fitted out will play a part in its cost.

The caravan you choose needs to match up with the car that will be used to tow it so this is a consideration here. You may also want to check on insurance costs before you buy a caravan as some insurers will not insure larger models as they are often targeted by thieves.

Many people that opt for a touring caravan will simply choose a model that they can hook up to a car. However there are other options in the caravanning world that could suit you just as well. Motorhomes, for example, give you all the advantages of a caravan without the need for a car to tow it and camper vans, although smaller in size, are also popular with many people.