Caravan Accessories

Although caravans are designed to be self-contained mobile homes (whether they are towed or whether they are self-powered mobile homes) there are still plenty of accessories that their owners may want to buy. There are many different caravan accessories that may be useful and that can help make any caravanning experience that bit more enjoyable.

So, for example, many people will hope for good weather and will buy caravan accessories such as awnings that they can attach to the outside of their caravan to give them an outdoor area. The awning can provide a covered area that can protect them from the sun (and the rain!) and can make even a small caravan feel like it comes with more space. Specialist windbreaks may also be used in much the same way.

Others will buy caravan accessories to give them some home comforts. They may, for example, need to buy equipment such as cookers, fridges and electrical equipment. Those with more basic caravan models may end up buying camping stoves. Many owners may also supplement the bed space that they have within their van by buying air mattresses and portable beds.

People who own touring caravans may park them up in their drive at home when they aren’t using them. Popular caravan accessories for this include covers. Putting a cover over your van when it isn’t being used can help keep it in tip-top condition. A cover will keep it clean and will prevent it being damaged by the elements when it isn’t in use.

Some people will also need to look at caravan accessories that give them extra sources of power. Some, for example, will buy small generators and battery chargers and some will even put solar panels on to their vans to give them their own power source so they aren’t tied to staying in caravan parks that come with power supplies.

Safety is also an issue for many caravan owners. Their vans may be worth a fair amount of money and they may buy caravan accessories that give them extra security when they need it. They could, for example, buy wheel clamps and wheel locks and locks for their steering wheel if they have a mobile home.

Although some caravans come with their own water supplies and toilets, some don’t. Caravan accessories that might be useful here include portable toilets, water storage/carriers, water treatments, portable showers and water filters