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Caravans are types of mobile homes that people buy or hire to use for holiday purposes. Caravanning is a popular pursuit in the UK, whether people buy their own vehicle or simply hire one on a holiday park to stay in for a couple of weeks over the summer holidays.

The type of caravans that most people think of first is the caravan that is hooked up to a car to be transported from place to place. Often referred to in the industry as a touring caravan this vehicle can’t get anywhere under its own steam (unless you leave its brakes off and it rolls down a hill!) and needs to be towed when you want to take it somewhere.

Nowadays it’s becoming more common for people to buy caravans that are actually mobile homes that do not need to be towed. These models are vehicles in their own right and have a cab at the front so that they can be driven from place to place. The caravan itself is set into the rear part of the vehicle behind the cab area.

Many caravan owners will simply keep their caravans at home and park them in the drive or in a garage when they aren’t being used. Others will buy a van and keep it at a caravan or holiday park or at a mobile home centre permanently. Often referred to as static caravans these vans aren’t used for touring by their owners but simply as a holiday home.

Caravan nowadays are a lot different from the traditional small and cramped models that once used to be popular. Caravans can still be small but they can also hold a whole family nowadays and can come with all mod cons built in. So, for example, many models nowadays will come with their own toilets and showers and a fully fitted kitchen. Larger models may even have separate bedroom areas rather than just pull out beds in the main living area.

A lot of people won’t buy their own caravan but will rent them from people they know or from holiday and caravan parks. This is an easy way to enjoy using a caravan without having to pay to buy one. Many families really enjoy holidaying in caravans on their parks as there is plenty to do and these are often cost effective holidays for groups and families with small children